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Solution Pads EPSON L3060

Solution Pads EPSON L3060

Solution EPSON Pads L3060

5 Steps Solution Pads Error in EPSON L3060:

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✅ STEP No 1. MAKE SURE it is Ink Pads error has reached the end of its useful life. 

  • First, The Pads error is an error that is repeated every time the print counter reaches 100%.

  • Second, We Only Guarantee Solution Pad Error or Plug Error or Error E-11.
  • And finally, THE RESET DOES NOT REPAIR: jammed paper error, blurred, crooked, discolored or unprinted prints, error 0xf1, fatal error.

Solución Almohadillas EPSON


  • So that in the same way the antivirus does not delete it and you can use it.
  • However it is not a virus, because the EPSON Adjustment Program for this printer is combined with a protection program for use in 1PC, therefore the antivirus detects it as a virus because there are two programs in 1, so do not worry, download it with trust.


Download Solution Pads EPSON L3060


Recommendations to avoid leaving your EPSON printer unusable:  

  • The most important thing is NOT to wait a long time without printing, because the head is covered and then it will print blurred, with stripes, without a color or in white.
  • Similarly DO NOT move your printer, because the alignment sensor is descaled and then it will print askew.
  • and Above all DO NOT download, or use incompatible Reset, which leaves your printer unusable.

 ✅ STEP No 4. CONTACT US for Solution Pad Error 

  • Help Download the EPSON Resetment Program Reset Program Error Pad Solution.
  • Check whether or not Pad Error.
  • Check whether or not you can reset for Solution Error Pads.
  • Support for remotely reset via Anydesk. es o Teamviewer
  • o Support to reset step by step through WhatsApp
  • Claim Warranty or Request additional KEY if you are a Satisfied Customer.


 ✅ STEP No 5. GUIDE Solution Ink Pads 

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Pads error in EPSON L3060? therefore you need Solution Pads EPSON L3060 

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Terms and Conditions:

We solve:

  • We only solve the error of pads that consists in resetting the print counter to 0%
  • Consequently we also solve the plug error or E-11 error in EPSON printers
  • Repeat pad error and it is necessary to reset it every time the counter reaches 100%.

We do not solve:

  • We do not solve Fatal Error, Paper jammed or error 0xF1.
  • Nor do we solve unrecognized cartridge error or ink level error.
  • Nor do we solve the head cleaning problem in EPSON printers
  • Nor do we solve the problem of printing blurred, run, crooked, discolored, striped or white prints.

What we offer:

  • We do not sell Software, We offer Payment Service through a Contract.
  • Service Contract for 12 months 1PC
  • 1PC Unlimited Service Agreement. (Recommended)
  • In Both contracts Receive 1KEY to unlock the program only to be used in 1PC according to the time of the contract.

What do you need to receive the service:

  • To receive Pads solution service on any EPSON printer, you need to download and install the program, copy the ID and send it to the contact details along with the payment receipt, Your name and Email.
  • You will receive the KEY immediately as soon as the above is received.

Validity of the KEY:

  • The KEY is only valid if it is generated from the same ID, same version and same printer.
  • The ID does not change even if the program is deleted or formatting the PC.
  • The ID only changes if you change PC.

Service Delivery:

  • Procedures is Remote or
  • Step by step procedure with GUIDE,
  • Receive a Service Contract to your Email as per 12 months or indefinitely.
  • It is not necessary in person. (You can be anywhere in the world connected to the internet)

Additional keys:

  • In case you need to activate a different PC, you can do it only by making a recommendation on this website or on YouTube or Facebook or voice memo on SoundCloud.
  • If the client refuses to make a recommendation, he will not receive additional KEYs.
  • Receive up to 3 additional Keys to activate the use up to 3 PCs.


  • If there will be a refund if after requesting remote support, the printer cannot be reset.
  • If there will be a refund if after 12 hours after payment you do not receive the Service or Service contract.
  • There will be no refund after resetting the printer.
  • There will be no refund if the client refuses to make recommendations, after receiving their First KEY.


  • For every 2 reset you must physically clean the pads to avoid spills and stains on the sheets.
  • We do not do physical cleaning, only Reset to the counter.
  • It is very important to activate the counter reset program, that is to say, the Adjustment epson program of a multifunction printer, especially before the heads are blocked for leaving a long time without printing.
  • Similarly do not use Free Reset that do not work and damage your printer.
  • and Do not use Original NO ink because the viscosity is different and can either cover the heads, or spill the ink or depigment your prints by the sun's ultraviolet rays.
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